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Jedit already has been upgraded from Jedit3.0 to Jedit4.0


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There are two variations of Jedit3.0. One is for Power Macintosh and another is for 68K Macintosh. Please download the one according to your macintosh type. If you are a first time user of Jedit, please down load a full set version.

Power Macintosh (Full set version):
BinHex Jedit3_PPC305E.sea.hqx : 2.3MB
68K Macintosh (Full set version):
BinHex Jedit3_68K305E.sea.hqx : 2.2MB

Jedit3.0 Related Products

Following products will be very useful when you use them with Jedit3.0.

JChecker2.0 HTML Validation Checker. You can call JChecker from the "Word Services" menu of your Jedit.
JHTML1.0 HTML templates pulg-in for Jedit3.0. You can insert various HTML tags into your document with a single action or through a special wizard.
JMultiReplace1.0 "Multi-replace plug-in for Jedit3.0. You can find and replace the multipule sets of strings at once.
JLAA1.0 An accelerator for Jedit3.0(PPC) start-up.

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