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Multi-Replace Plug-in For Jedit

JMultiReplace 1.0

JMultiReplace 1.0 For Jedit4.0/3.0 Rev1.0.8 (04.03.2001 Released)

"JMultiReplace 1.0" is a plug-in application for the text editor "Jedit". Using this plug-in, you can find and replace the multiple sets of strings at once.

"JMultiReplace" is written in AppleScrit using "FaceSpan3.5" (Degital Technology International).

JMultiReplace 1.0 is Freeware.

JMultiReplace Dialog

System Requirement


You can download the program and manual from the following.

For Jedit3.0: JMultiReplace108E3.sea.hqx : 816KB

For Jedit4.0: JMultiReplace108E4.sea.hqx : 816KB

Revision History

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