HTML Template Plug-in

JHTML1.0 For Jedit

JHTML1.0 For Jedit4.0 has been relaesed
(Rev1.0.4, 2000.09.21)

"JHTML1.0" is a plug-in application for the text editor "Jedit3.0/Jedit4.0".
This plug-in makes your Jedit into a HTML editor.

You can insert various HTML tags into your document with a single action or through a special wizard. JHTML also supports other useful functions such as the table tag generation from tabbed data.

You can make cool and clean HTML documents efficiently by combining of the text editor Jedit, the HTML validation checker JChecker and this HTML templates plug-in JHTML.

"JHTML1.0 " is written in AppleScrit using "FaceSpan3.5.2" (Degital Technology International).

JHTML1.0 For Jedit is a freeware.

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System Requirement

Download JHTML

You can download JHTML program and its manual from the following.

For Jedit3.0: JHTML3_104E.sea.hqx : 1MB (BinHex format)

For Jedit4.0: JHTML4_104E.sea.hqx : 1MB (BinHex format)

AppleScript scripting addition "Jon's Commands 2.1" is also needed. You can download it from the following URL. "Jon's Commands 2.1" is a freeware.


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