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Accelerator for Jedit3.0 start-up
(An Interface for Japanese Language Analysis)

JLAA accelerates Jedit3.0 start-up within the Japanese OS... ( 2000.02.9)

JLAA is a background application which enables you to access Language Analysis Manager using Apple Script. As the start-up time of Jedit3.0 is accelerated significantly when JLAA is loaded into memory, you can use JLAA as an accelerator for Jedit3.0 start-up.

JLAA is freeware.

Note: This software is only valid for Japanese MacOS8.5 or later and does not work on none-Japanese MacOS.

System Required
PowerMacintosh and Japanese MacOS8.5 or later which supports the Language Analysis Manager.

Download JLAA1.0

You can download JLAA program from the following.

JLAA101.sit.hqx: 73KB (BinHex Format)

How can JLAA accelerate Jedit3.0 start-up?
Depending on your systems configuration, Jedit sometimes may take 5 to 10 seconds for its start-up time. The most of the start-up time is spent loading the Language Analysis Manager(LAA) shared library. So, when JLAA has loaded the LAA shared library onto memory preceding Jedit's start-up, Jedit's start-up time will thus be shortened significantly as Jedit will not be burdened by the LAA shared library load.

If you feel start-up times for Jedit3.0 are too slow, try JLAA.

AppleScript Interface
command LAAAvailable  
	Result:   boolean
Checks whether the Language Analysis Manager is available or not. If LAA is available, true will be returned in the Result variable.
command LAAConvert  reference  -- text to be converted
	convType  ToKanji/ToHiragana/ToYomi  -- the type of conversion 
	Result:   string  -- converted text
Converts reference text to Kanji-Kana mixed text (ToKanji), Hiragana only text(ToHaragana) or Hiragana speech text(ToYomi). You can specify the conversion type of ToKanji, ToHaragana or ToYomi in the convType option. The converted text will then be returned in the Result variable.

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