Removal of Jedit X Standard/Jedit X Plus from AppStore

On 1995, the first Jedit was released and it has passed more than 20 years. On 2004, Jedit X was released for OS X. Since 2011, Jedit X has been sold both from Artman21 web page and Apple AppStore. 

Due to the regulation change of Apple AppStore since Nov. 2014, AppStore does not accept updates anymore that were developed on old development systems. Unfortunatly Jedit X falls into this category, also to migrate to a new development system would require significant rewrite. We can't improve or fix bugs of AppStore Jedit X anymore. Therefore, it is indeed regrettable, but we have decided to remove Jedit X Standard/Jedit X Plus from AppStore.

For Jedit X of Web version, we will continue to revise and publish Jedit X on our web site because there are no such regulations for the web version.

To Users of Jedit X Standard / Jedit X Plus

Since Oct. 2014, Jedit X Standard user can use web versions of Jedit X Rev.2 without the license registration. Jedit X Plus user can use web versions of Jedit X Rev.2, JChecker X and JDiff X without the license registrations. If you got a problem with AppStore Jedit X, please download Web version Jedit X and use it. To use the web version, you need to keep the AppStore version together in the Applications Folder.

Jedit X Rev.2 Download

JChecker X Download

JDiff X Download

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