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Jedit Ω


Must-have Tool for General Text Processing

One of the most popular text editor Jedit X has re-born into an entirely new editor Jedit Ω. All functions were reviewed and refined. It supports the latest macOS features such as iCloud, Version Control, Auto Saving, etc.

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Rich Text Editor
Outline Processing

A rich text editor for editing Western and Japanese documents. Supports the outline processing, powerful search and replace functions and the latest OS X features such as iCloud, Full Screen, Auto-Save, Versions and more. A new text engine has been developed in order to bring outline processing, light and smooth vertical text editing, and supports many functions which are specific to Japanese, such as genko-mode, ruby, tate-chu-yoko, kenten and so on. These features are difficult to be realized with the standard text engine NSTextView. 

Jedit X Rev.2

jedit x

Jedit X Rev.2 has finished selling...

Yet Another Super TextEdit 
for plain and rich text

Jedit X is the result of re-building the software entirely from scratch in Cocoa to best take advantage OS X’s capabilities.

Supports tabbed window, File Drawer, non-contiguous layout, rectangular paste, word completion, smart index menu, smart quote, smart separation between Japanese and English, smart URL link and more

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JDiff X

jdiff x

JDiff X  has finished selling...

Document Comparison Plug-in for Jedit X

JDiff X is a document comparison plug-in for Jedit X. It displays the changes made in Jedit X documents. You can compare any types of documents that can be read with Jedit X, including plain text of various text encodings or rich text documents. You can also merge the differences instantly using its merge button or the contextual menu.

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deprecated products

Deprecated products, such as  Jedit4.0 or JChecker3.0, for earlier Operating Systems (Classic OS, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.3 ).

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