Rev.1.03 (2017.08.13)


  • Supported SandBox. As a result, all Preferences will be reverted the factory settings and Script folder and Templates folder move to the new locations.
    If you have your own files in those folders, move your files to the new folders.
    old Script Folder: ~/Library/Application Support/JeditOmega/scripts
    old Template Folder: ~/Library/Application Support/JeditOmega/templates
  • Improved the behavior of the reopen when opening a file that is already opened.

bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug that iCloud Sync for Preferences did not work.
  • Fixed a bug that the tool menu “Half<->Full Character Width” did not work correctly
  • Fixed a bug that the Preferences “Document Types>Format>Wordwrapping method” did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a spelling bug in the HistoryURL of English Edition.

Rev.1.02 (2017.08.09)


  • Added Ruler Character Scale Option at the Preferences>General>View.
  • Added new menu items 'Send Feedback' and 'Jedit Ω Product Page' at the Menu Help.
  • Revised Help manual.

bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash bug of the multi-replace.
  • Fixed a bug of the Preferences>Document Types>View that the setting of the invisible characters did not work correctly.
  • Fixed bugs of the Preferences>Encoding and Save that the tool tips were not localized into Japanese.
  • Fixed the registration finshed message of the English edition.

Rev.1.0.1 (2017.8.1)

The First Public Version.

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