JChecker X Rev.2 (for Jedit X Rev.2)

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Rev.2.07 (2014.11.21)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug of JChecker X Rev.2.06 that did not work correctly on Jedit X earlier than Rev.2.43.

Rev.2.06 (2014.10.3)


  • Now the Users of Jedit X Plus (MacApp Store) can use web versions of Jedit X Rev.2, JChecker X and JDiff X without the license registration.
  • Updated CodeSign to Version 2 that is compatible to Mac OS X 10.9.5 and later.

Rev.2.05 (2012.7.20)


  • Supported the Gate Keeper of Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Rev.2.04 (2010.5.31)


  • Supported the resizable HTML browser icon in the error browser toolbar.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug of the HTML checking that the program sometimes froze when NULL codes existed in the source document.
  • Fixed a bug of the xhtml auto-correction for "lang" and "xml:lang" attributes in <html> tag.

Rev.2.03 (2009.4.13)


  • Supported a diagnostic alert when the attribute "lang" is lacking in the tag <html>. Also supported its auto correction in which the value of "lang" is refered from the settings of System Preferences "International."
  • Added a support for the image viewer setting in the Preferences "Validate."
  • Supported cmd+click linking also for the relative url strings in the sentence url( ) of CSS documents."
  • Changed the specification of the beautifying and minimizing so that the kanji full-width space is not handled as a blank character."

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug of the validation and beatifying that the program sometimes crashed when a tag <?php ?> existed inside an element tag < >.
  • Fixed a bug of XHTML beatifying that the program crashed infrequently.

Rev.2.02 (2008.4.28)

  • Compatible to Jedit X Rev.2.02 which Help menu system has been changed.
  • Modified the button title of the compatibility check alert for Jedit X.

Rev.2.01 (2008.4.9)

  • The first JChecker Rev.2 product version.

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