JChecker X Rev.1 (for Jedit X Rev.1)

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Rev.1.03 (2007.11.5)

  • Updated the add-in program JHTML X to Rev.1.01 that is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5(Leopard).

Rev.1.02 (2007.1.15)


  • Improved the auto-correction so that the HTML checking after the correction are not executed redundantly.
  • Improved the auto-correction behavior for the HTML error "H037: Can't omit the attribute value in XML."

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved the editing performance of Jedit X when a lot of HTML errors were listed in the error browser.
  • Fixed a bug of the "Beautify HTML" for selection that did not work correctly when the selected area contained the end of the document.
  • Fixed a bug of HTML checking for some documents that contained "-->" expressions in the <?php> tags.
  • Mended several spelling errors in the HTML diagnostic messages.

Rev.1.01 (2006.6.12)


  • Added the menu "To Entity References" to the menu "Edit > HTML". It supports both the smart and unconditionally conversions.
  • Added the HTML error check "H080" that checks the existence of semicolons at the end of the entity reference expressions. The auto correction for this error is also supported.
  • Improved the HTML error check "H009" so that it does not alert in the case that the content of element <textarea> is empty.
  • Added macro "Enclose with Comment tag" and "Remove Comments" to the macro collection "Jedit X HTML Macros."
  • Added the JChecker X update checking to the menu "Check for Update" of Jedit X.
  • Improved the spinning ball behavior at the bottom of the error browser.
  • Added the section "4.4 Inserting a line-break tag" to JChecker X Help manual.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an HTML checking bug that Jedit X sometimes fell into the infinite loop when a php tag existed in the attribute value.
  • The following menu items that call subprogram JHTML X are blocked when Mac OS X is 10.3. "Edit Selected Tag", "JHTML X Panel", "HTML Color Value", "New Table", "Table from CSV", "Ordered List", "Unordered List" and "Definition List".

Rev.1.00 (2006.5.25)

  • The first product version.
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