JChecker X

jchecker x

HTML Editing Support Plug-in for Jedit X 

JChecker X is an HTML coding support plug-in for our editor "Jedit X." It supports HTML validation, auto-correction for errors, URL link checking, beautifying HTML source text and others.


To Jedit X Plus (MacApp Store) Users: You can use web versions of Jedit X Rev.2, JChecker X and JDiff X without the license registration.

❏ Cocoa/Universal Binary 

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Works under Jedit X Rev.1 or Jedit X Rev.2
Also attached AppleScript application "JHTML" and
macro collection "HTML Macros for Jedit X."

 ❏ Integrated HTML source code editing environment

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JChecker X plug-in transforms Jedit X into a powerful HTML source code editor.

 ❏ No more online HTML validators

No need to connect to the internet to check HTML. JChecker checks HTML much faster than online validators. You can efficiently correct the detected errors because the checked result works closely with the editor Jedit X.

 ❏ Strict HTML validating

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Checks over seventy different items such as hierarchical relation of tags, matching end tags, order of tags, types of attribute values and spelling, all based on the HTML dictionary you specify. JChecker supports 14 dictionaries such as HTML2.0, HTML3.2, HTML4.0, XHTML1.0, XHTML1.1, Compact HTML1.0, and XHTML Basic1.0.

 ❏ Drag and Drop checking

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You can instantly validate HTML by dropping file icon or URL onto the JChecker error browser without choosing the menu "Validate HTML".

 ❏ Automatic error correction

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 JChecker can automatically correct 43 types of errors out of 79 types of HTML errors. JChecker supports both "one by one correction" and "batch correction".

 ❏ Broken link detection

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Checks existence of linked pages or files, supporting both remote and local link checking. JChecker also supports "root and branch checking" which checks all pages linked to the root page.

 ❏ Makes HTML more readable

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Supports beautifying of HTML text. Beautifying lets you determine the amount of indentation related to tag hierarchy, or the deletion of line feed codes. In the beautifying Preferences, you can set beautifying options for each type of tag.

 ❏ Super convenient menu "Edit Selected Tag"

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Setting caret somewhere in the tag you wish to edit, choose the menu "Edit Selected Tag." Then an attribute editing dialog appropriate for the selected tag will popup.

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