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** The icon appears unusual. What does it signify? The 'ai' in aiMenu stands for the Japanese word for love, which is ''. The icon has been designed from the Japanese family crest based on the character '', symbolizing love.

aiMenu is an AI utility that allows users to call ChatGPT with just one touch from the status menu or global hot keys for any selected text in any application such as email, browser, editor, spreadsheet, development tool, etc. The default menu includes options like "Investigate Selection, Rewrite Selection, Summarize Selection, Translate into Japanese, Translate into English," but users can customize the menu items as desired.

Search for "葉隠(Hagakure)" on Wikipedia (JP) and translate it into English using aiMenu.

macOS X 10.14 (Mojave) or later. Universal Binary (compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon). 

You can use all features for free for 10 days.

Please download the manual (including the quick start guide) as well.

Version: Rev 1.04 (240315)      Last Updated: 2024.6.15       Download Size: 3.2MB

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After the 10-day trial period, please register for a license to continue using it.

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