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The popularity explosion of the Internet has spawned a new generation of individuals and organizations who, either out of personal or business motivation, have set out to challenge this new techno-creative environment; creating their own web-sites and home-pages. Catering to this phenomenal wave of home-page design interest have come various home-page editors, most of which are based on WYSIWYG technology. Editors of this sort are being marketed for use by beginners and professionals alike.

However, all is not so smooth in editor land. Drawback in the actual use of commercial WYSIWYG packages often leaves the novice user quickly frustrated with editors that are slow and complex to use. Often a desired result, ends in undesirable frustration when a newly designed page neither looks nor operates according to plan. Stray tags may suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere in the text, or even a seemingly rudiment layout may differ drastically depending on the browser used to view it.

With the coming of HTML experience, most users switch to the editing of their HTML source code directly using a text editor, in addition to using their WYSIWYG editor.

Yet, when editing source code directly, the user must become savvy to things like the spelling of elements and attributes, hierarchical relations of tags, existence of end tags, tag order, and an array of other easily overlooked detail.

An answer to continuing frustration? An HTML checker.

As much as a spell checker is essential to word processing, HTML checkers, which check for HTML validation or lost links, are a necessary tool for direct editing.

In July 1998, JChecker1.0 was introduced as an HTML checker to work in tangent with text editors such as our Jedit. JChecker2.0 was later released in November 1999 and JChecker2.1, which supported link checking, was released in January 2000.

Today JChecker3.0 is not only a checker but has been reborn as a powerful HTML source code editor supporting both the Mac OS Classic and OS X environment.

As an HTML validation checker, JChecker3.0 supports 17 HTML/XHTML validation dictionaries, auto-generation for DTD dictionaries, auto HTML error correction, powerful link checking including sub linked pages, and much more.

As a text editor, it inherits powerful editing functions from its brother Jedit, including regular expression search, AppleScriptability, and enhanced macro functions. It also supports many original functions such as a tag editing macro, a tag help macro, and a services menu under OS X.

We hope that JChecker3.0 will become a reliable partner giving you flexibility, freedom, and accuracy in composing your next HTML text.

Features of JChecker

Software and Hardware Requirement
  1. System: MacOS 8.6 or higher. JChecker3.0 is compatible with MacOS 8.6-9.2 and Mac OS X.
  2. 4MB of RAM is required for JChecker3.0 (System memory is not included).

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