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Useful Macros For Jedit4.0

Macro Collection

Now released "Macro Collection(Rev1.0.0)" For Jedit (06.13.2001)

Useful 10 macros for Jedit4.0 which made by Jedit author and published as an appendage to the book "Jedit Super Manual". These macros might be helpful as sample scripts when making your own scripts.

Find With Style Finds and replaces with the style sepcification.
Compare Docments Compares each paragraph contents of two documents.
Renumber Chapters Renumbers each heads of chapters, sections and figures.
Save Image As Saves the selected image object as an image file (JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PICT).
Split and Save Splits the Jedit document and saves them into multiple files.
Kanji Sort Sorts the tab separated or comma separated records. If the key contains the kanji string, the string will be converted to hiragana in advance.
Flexible Sort Sorts the records which contain multiple paragraphs in one record.
Check Katakana Expressions Extracts all kanakana words used in the target document and lists up into another window and sorts them in order to check the variety of the katakana expressions
Insert Parasgraph Number Inserts the paragraph number string at each paragraph top.
Delete Word Spacing Deletes the single-byte spacing between English word and Japanese word.

Macro Collection is freeware.

System Requirement

Macro Collection Download
Macro Collection (English version)
MacroCollectionE.sea.hqx 1.1MB
Japanese version can be dowon load from here.

Revision History

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